Toni Privat

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Toni Privat

Analog Photography 35 mm


Winner 2016 BIPA (Barcelona
International Photo Awards)


GalerĂ­a Valid Foto, Barcelona
Phoenix, Arizona
Calella de Mar, Barcelona


Phone: +34 666 973 663

Project: The beauty. The breath of freedom

According to the Greek mythology, at the question about the value of the beauty, the Delphos oracle answered: "The fairest is the beautiest".

The beauty (kalon) is the virtue of the soul qualities, that are perceived by the mind and senses. The visible and invisible, the showing and the hiding, "the seduction by hiding and the imagination of discovering".

In these series, the photographies are inspired by nature, by the sufferance of a time cut, by the pleasure and the breath of freedom... by the flight of a bird.

By the emptyness of humility. By sacredness.